Pause Sweet Talk — SpadezOnTheBeat

My boy Alex sent me his newest track and this is it. It’s a nasty mashup and I mean its a nasty mashup. So many different songs into this one and it is perfection. So here is a little bit of audio relief from your finals as we finished up our last ones today. Enjoy!

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Chillstep Selection #22 [Finals Study Mix]

Here is the newest chillstep mix to listen to while you study for your finals during the next two weeks. It’s a nice 1.5 hour mix that calms and relaxes you. Enjoy and show some love on facebook!

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Marsha Ambrosius – Cold War (prod. diplo, picard brothers)

Diplo did some work with Usher earlier this year for “Climax” and now is going even further into the RnB world with this hit. The track is fire and a good late night jam. Enjoy!

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Shadow of a Man — Jhameel (official music video)

Finally Jhameel releases the highly anticipated visuals for his track “Shadow of a Man.” Enjoy the show and check out this other songs and covers. Expect alot from this man in the future. Jhameel is the modern day Michael Jackson. We want to try and push this to 15,000 views for a live show via a Ustream style site.

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Fracx – in your memory (soulsa remix) — djsoulsa

I got a submission the other day on SC from DJ Soulsa and just now saw it and its nasty. The remix is great, because he added the vocals in and they match the song extremely well after hearing the original. This is a great one to download for sure for heavy bass and liquidity. It’ll be on our study mix playlists shortly. Enjoy and show some love on facebook! Oh and we threw in an hour long remix just for shits and giggles pledges

Study Mix

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SmokeShow of the Week + [Free Music] #2

So here is this weeks hottest finds of girls on Instagram or whatever it is. Enjoy and if you want the best music and gorgeous Greek girls like us on facebook! We are also giving away free Sol Republic gear and Southern Coast attire this week to our facebook fans!
[Free Music]

The song is great and free so cop the download and show some love by sharing it!

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That Greek Life Mix(er) — SYNTEX

Newest from our boy Syntex up in the north. This mix is the perfect pregame mix for this week and tailgate for us Southern kids. So here is, cop the free download and show some love on facebook!

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Wolf Alice – Leaving You (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy is forever killing it and here is his newest remix that was just dropped within the last hour. Enjoy this great remix and show some love on facebook in order to cop the free download! Fresh News- We will be designing our fishing shorts in collaboration with Southern Coast so be on the lookout for them!

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Bands A Make Her Dance (Remix) — Juicy J feat. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Lola Monroe & B.o.B

Holy shit, this is the by far the best remix and will be the best. It’s really hard to beat the combo of Juicy J & Wiz but even French Montana does some nasty lines. Add in this new chick Lola Monroe (bombshell) who I think will be replacing Nicki Minaj. Enjoy this remix and put it on blast tonight in your pregame! “Frat like the Best, Rage with the Rest!”

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SmokeShow of the Week + [Free Music]

Here is our weekly vote of some of the hottest submitted selfies. Enjoy! Go show some love on facebook and twitter!
Just the newest podcast from Going Quantum!

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