Skyfall — Adele (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

I have found it. By far the best remix to Skyfall by Adele by Theatre of Delays. This year should be a sick 007 movie. I thought Quantum of Solace was a flop and way too many twist backs. Hopefully the new one brings light back to Omega and the special 007 Plant Seamaster along with Land Rover. The LR3 to me is an awful looking SUV but in Skyfall they bring light to the Defender. Then they throw a few Audi’s in which you can never go wrong with. Hell, in the new A8’s you can have your own wifi.
This remix is in it’s own category. To me its an old school feel on the song instead of an electronic wub wub remix. Overall this is the best I’ve found yet. Free download on the SoundCloud page. You’re welcome pledges. Enjoy!

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